Heathen's Master book of write Book 1


The History and Meaning of Celtic Design & Art
The witches candle
The witches familiar
Types Of Wicca
Color meanings
Who is the God
Who is the Goddess
The Rede of the Wiccae
The Art of Hypnotism, Self Hypnosis and Hypnotizing others
The Circles Of Light And Dark/Balance
The Descent of Inanna
Guidelines on witchcraft
How to remember your past lives
Hoe to see the spirit world
Magic by ecology
medicine and magic
Nine paths of union
Four week fast
Earth magic
Elemental couldron
Fith Fathing
Broom lore and superstition
Butterfly medicine
World religions
Woman of the woods
History on Witchcraft
Types of wicca
Invocations and summoning
Hexes and Curses
World Calendar
World Calendar 2
Deities from around the world 6
Dieties from around the world 2
Deities from around the world 3
Deities from around the world 4
Deities from around the world 5
Deities from around the world 1
Dream Magick
Candle magic
Binding and Banishing
Astral Projection
Altar Setup
Reivings, Banishings, And Wards:Practicalities
Song of the Goddess

Be careful what you ask for....


5 parts rose petal

1 part clove

1 part  nutmeg

1 part lavender

1 ginger

add this mixture to tea or serve alone to increase the passions.



Aprodisia a passion drink

1 pinch rosemary

2 pinches thyme

2 tablespoons black tea

1 pinch coriander

teaspoon dried mint leaves

1 teaspoon dried rose petals

1 teaspoon dried lemon peel

3 pinches nutmeg

3 pieces orange peel

place all ingredients in a tea pot, boil 3 cups or so of water and add to the pot. Sweeten with honey if desired and serve hot!!



4 tbsp. Boneset 3 Sprigs of Holy Thistle Handful of Angelica
4 oz. Horehound Pinch of Salt 3 parts Sandalwood 3 Roots of Mandrake
Brew and sprinkle to all four corners of the House to drive away Evil.




Cauldron of cerridwen







Boil water in a cauldron over an open fire. Place all ingredients into the cauldron. sit before it and entrance yourself by watching the flames. Smell its mystic scent and receive its wisdom. Do not drink very toxic!!!




Clairvoyance brew

3 parts rose petals

1 part cinnamon

1 part nutmeg

1 part bay

1 part mugwort

place in tea pot and fill with boiling water, let steep covered for a few minutes. Remove cover and breathe in the steam for a few moments. Visualize the mystic scent opening up your psychic awareness, then lie down and prophesize. If you wish drink a bit as well, and let the steam continue to rise as you stretch you psychic awareness.


Dream tea

2 parts rose petal

1 part mugwort

1 part pepperint

1 part jasmine flowers

part cinnamon

mix and add 1 teaspoon to cup and pour boiling water over it and let steep covered for a few minutes. Drink before going to bed to produce psychic dreams.



Druidic Teas

from Kitchen Witch mailing list-origianl author unknown



NOTE: One must be very, VERY careful when taking these teas! These are

powerful herbs, meant to be used by more experienced herbalists and witches. As always we do not prescribe or recommend the use of these or other herbs: all items on this site are for informational purposes only.



To use, put in a tea ball and steep for 5 or 6 minutes.



Birch Moon: Matters of beginnings and children; purification


3 parts ginger

1 part lemongrass

pinch of dill

splash of lemon juice




Ash Moon: Matters of the intellect; magick, healing.


2 parts angelica

1/2 part sage

1/2 part black cohosh

pinch of rosemary


*Do not use black cohosh during pregnancy, as it can cause miscarriage. Black cohosh is a sedative and not to be taken in large amounts.



Willow Moon: Matters of the Otherworld; healing, love, water magick,

feminine mysteries.


2 parts willow bark

1 tbsp vanilla extract

1/2 part dried apples

pinch of rosemary



Hawthorn Moon: Peace, sleep, dreams, prosperity, happiness.


1 part hawthorn

1 part catnip

1/2 part rue

1/2 part champagne


*Do not use rue during pregnancy, as it can cause miscarriage. It can cause

sensitivity to the sun and is toxic in large amounts.



Oak Moon: Lust, strength, energy, endurance, fertility, fire magick, male



1 1/2 parts white oak bark

1/2 part mint

1/2 part orange peel

pinch of cinnamon/nutmeg



Holly Moon: Matters of animals; magick, prophecy.


1 part kelp

1/2 part rose petals

1/2 part raspberry

pinch of yarrow


*Do not use kelp during pregnancy, as it can cause miscarriage.

*DO NOT use kelp if you have a thyroid problem.

*Do not take raspberry during first or second trimester of pregnancy.


Hazel Moon: Manifestations, protection, healing, fertility.


1 part ginseng

1/2 part mugwort

pinch of savory

splash of any non-citrus juice


*Note: Mugwort is a hallucinogen! It is legal but if you start seeing pink elephants and purple snakes, don't blame me :)



Vine Moon: Earth, sex magick, overcoming difficulties.


1 part blackberry

1 part dandelion

splash of grape juice

pinch of hibiscus

Do not take blackberry during first or second trimester of pregnancy.



Ivy Moon: Healing, cooperation, binding.


1 part mullein

1/4 part wintermint

1/2 part barberry



Reed Moon: Fertility, love, protection.


1 part red clover

1 part hyssop

1 part boneset

pinch of slippery elm


*WARNING: Boneset is toxic in large doses or if taken over long period of time.



Elder Moon: Exorcism, prosperity, astral travel, finding faeries.


1 part ginko

1 part mugwort

1 part valerian

1 part spearment

pinch of anise/anise extract

pinch of allspice


*Valerian is a sedative, and shouldn't be taken in large amounts. (Also attracts cats like catnip, so keep it in a safe container if you don't want it to get chewed up)



Exorcism brew

3 parts rosemary

1 part bay

1 pinch cayenne

mix and add 1 teaspoon to a cup pour boiling water and let steep for 9 minutes covered. Drink a few teaspoons a day or add to a bath.


Isis healing brew

1 part rosemary

1 part sage

1 part thyme

1 part cinnamon

half fill a blue glass bottle with fresh water. Add the ground empowered herbs and let sit in the sun all day. If by sunset the water has been colored by the herbs, it is ready to use. If not store in the refrigerator over night and steep in the sun the following day. Stain or add to a bathe and visualize yourself as being in perfect health.



Kernunnos protection brew

1 part pine needles

1 part caraway

1 part bay

1 part basil

1 part anise

in a red glass bottle half full of water steep the herbs in the sun all day. Strain and add to your bath  water or anoint yourself for protection. Also anoint amulets and talismans.



Moon brew

Set a silver container filled with water out on the night of a full moon just as it rises wich will be at sunset. Allow the water to soak up the lunar rays all night. Just before dawn rise and retrieve the water . place in earthen jug and cork tightly. never expose to the rays of the sun. add to a bath for love or anoint to increase wealth. Touch to the brow to increase psychic awareness, place in a bath to attune with spiritual planes or prior to lunar rites



4 part Rue 6 oz. Rosemary 3 oz. Vetivert 2 tbsp. Hyssop Sprig of Mistletoe
Don't Drink This!
Brew these ingredients and anoint each window and door of the house.
Sprinkle the rest on the four corners of the house to prevent Evil from coming.


Purification brew

Collect any nine sacred plants such as vervain, rue, rosemary, oak, pine, acacia, rose, carnation, thyme, basil, jasmine, and so on. Place in a non metal pot or bowl. Add rain water or fresh water and let the herbs soak covered and away from the light for 3 days. Strain. Use for asperging the house, others or your self for purification.



1 Lemon, sliced 1 Qt Spring water 1 Orange, sliced
2 whole Cloves 1/2 cup packed Violet petals
Place first four ingredients in a pan. Heat liquid until tepid, but not hot.
Add the violet and simmer until they are almost see-through.
Strain and serve hot or cold in one glass with two straws to share with your loved one.




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