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Edited by Crimsonwolf

The Witch's Candle


Candle magick, as any practicing witch will tell you, is very potent indeed.  Normally, we create candles for specific workings, spells, rituals, healings, etc.  However, one can also create a candle which is magickally connected to oneself, and use it each time you are casting for yourself.


Create a witch's candle as follows:


* Using the chart below...select a large candle...a pillar candle is best...this will be your Witch Candle....in your primary color, and then a smaller candle in the secondary color:  *note:  if these colors do not resonate with you and you feel attracted to another color, then go with that*



large candle: red

small candle:  yellow



large candle:pink

small candle: white



large candle: Blue

small candle: green



large candle: Silver or white

small candle: blue



large candle: red

small candle: orange



large candle: Yellow or gold

small candle:  white



large candle:  Green

small candle:  black



large candle:  Brown

small candle: Green



large candle: red

small candle: purple



large candle:  Brown

small candle:  Orange


large candle: Blue
small candle: yellow

Large candle: light green (mint)
small candle: light blue


Anoint your candles with your elemental oil (usually is called the Zodiacal Oil...like Aries Oil, Cancer Oil, etc)  If unable to locate your elemental oil, substitute olive oil.  As you rub the oil into the candles, remember to begin from the wick to the center and rub in that direction and then from the bottom to the center.  As you work, breathe into the larger candle...blow on it...let it absorb your breath which is your essence.  For example, when I am creating my Witch Candle, I breathe on it as I rub the oil on it, I call it by name, "You are Bry's Witch's Candle", etc.


Now carve your zodiac sign or name on the large candle.  When you are ready to cast a spell for yourself, light the smaller candle and allow some of the melted wax to pour over the larger candle...sometimes making a shape of the key element you are casting for is a bonus...example:  if you are casting for money, use the smaller candle and make the

$ sign over the larger candle....if not, then whisper the need you have as you pour the melted wax of the smaller candle over the larger one.  You will always use the smaller candle to pour the melted wax over the larger/pillar candle which is the actual Witch's Candle.  Normally you will need to stock up more on the smaller candle than the larger one...if you cast often for your self.


Light the larger candle and perform any other magicks you had planned.  Allow the larger candle to burn for at least 30 minutes before snuffing out. 


Unlike other candles, the Witch's Candle can be used each time you are casting for yourself.  Be careful where you place this candle because once you have personalized it with your name and sign, it has a link to you.


You can also use the larger Witch Candle with other smaller candle combinations.  For example, if you are casting for love, anoint a small pink candle with olive oil, light it and pour the melted pink wax over your larger Witch Candle trying to make a heart shape as you drip it over the larger candle.


Once the larger candle has been used up/burned down, you can take any drippings and use as amulets or talismans for pouches, etc.  Many pillar candles burn down in the center.  If you have this happen, place the new candle inside the shell of the old one...if it is still sturdy.  Once the larger candle as been used up, you can create another witch's candle using the same procedure as above.




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