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Edited by Crimsonwolf

Butterfly Medicine:
A Spell For Binding a Perpetrator From Doing Harm

created by Catherine Sullivan


The intent of this spell is to prevent one individual from harming others by word or deed.

Note, if the person you are aiming this spell at is not doing anything to harm another, the spell will have no effect. It does not limit or infringe upon the free will of the individual in any way except to keep that person from harming another. It is self-limiting, in that when the subject grows spiritually to the point that he/she chooses freely not to harm others, the spell dissolves.

A poppet or doll is made and identified as the perpetrator.

Appropriate herbs and oils are burned.

A candle is inscribed with appropriate symbols, anointed with oil, and burned.

The poppet is wound with cord in a cocoon-like fashion while the chant is repeated.

If more than one person is performing the work, the poppet and cord are passed from hand to hand, each person winding the cord as all continue to recite or chant the words of intent.

The poppet is the burned to release the energies of the working. If burning is not feasible (as for many apartment-dwellers) the poppet may be buried in a place where it is sure to remain undisturbed.

This work is ideally performed in the dark (waning) phase of the moon (for limitations and for rest), or at the new moon (for sleep followed by rebirth) and on a Saturday (for Saturn) or Tuesday (if Tyr or Tiwaz, is to be invoked) but if the need is immediate, any time will do.

Materials and Tools:

A figure to represent the subject
A poppet, or doll, may be made out of any flammable material. (You're going to burn it or bury it, so plastic or nylon is probably a bad idea!) Dried plant stalks or small dry twigs and paper towel or light-weight cotton rags held together with thread and wax work well, as does cotton stuffed with dry grass or any dry, flammable material. (I have used mullein stalk and fir twigs bound together with string and wax, with a "head" of dried mullein flower-head covered with bee's wax, and paper "clothing" to make a sort of miniature scarecrow.)

A candle, black (to absorb negativity) or white (for purity of intent). The candle should be small, as you must keep focused on your intent until the candle is burned completely.

A stylus to inscribe the candle

charcoal and a fire-proof container for the incense
(WARNING: You need a ventilated area to use charcoal.)

some safe container (iron cauldron, hibachi, or barbecue grill) for a fire
a piece of silk to wrap the poppet in if you have to transport it to the place where you will bury it

black string or yarn (hemp is best; cotton next choice. Again, do not use nylon or polyester if you plan to burn the poppet.)

container of water.

container of salt

Herbs and oils for incense:

Any of the following herbs/oils are appropriate, as are many others. You MUST include at least one herb for cleansing and purification and one for protection. Use what is available.

cypress &/or patchouli oil for Saturn
cedar, juniper or lavender oil for protection
peppermint leaf or oil for cleansing and purification
sage (Artemesia) for cleansing and purification
sweet grass for cleansing and purification
basil for cleansing and purification and protection
bay leaves for cleansing and purification and protection
garlic or onion for cleansing and purification and protection
cedar or juniper for protection
nettle for protection
"dragon's blood" for protection and strength
mullein for protection and for Saturn
bindweed and/or morning glory for binding
hemp (shred a bit of cord) for binding and strength


Cleanse and ward the work-space.

Use whatever ritual you are most familiar and comfortable with for this, OR
Light a cleansing incense (see above). Circle your work space, wafting the smoke into every part of it, concentrating on cleaning and purifying the area. Say:

With air and fire I cleanse this space.

Mix some salt into the water. Circle your work space, sprinkling drops of salt water throughout, concentrating on cleaning and purifying the area. Say:

With earth and water I cleanse this place.

After preparing the workspace, invoke any entities you have a personal relationship with and whose influence is appropriate to the work. Invoke Butterfly spirit.

After making the figure (this may be done in advance), prepare the fire-container, light your charcoal and sprinkle incense on it.

Inscribe the candle with symbols appropriate to your specific purpose. (This may also be done in advance.) If the subject is a criminal, particularly if the courts are involved, the rune Tiwaz may be used to invoke the Norse deity Tyr/Tiwas who ruled that culture's version of courts of justice. (WARNING: Before invoking Tyr, it is best to examine your own conscience carefully. Be sure that Justice is what you want before you ask for it!) If protection for the innocent is your whole purpose, the rune algiz may be more appropriate. The inscription need not be runes. If you have not studied the runes, other symbolism may work better for you. Astrological glyphs (particularly Saturn, for limitations) are appropriate. Use a symbol for which you have an affinity, one which stands for your intent in your mind. You may also use words or initials.

Apply a drop of oil to the candle with your finger.

Light the candle.

Concentrate on your intent. Visualize the doll as the person you wish to restrain.

Begin winding the cord around the doll, cocoon-like, as you repeat the following chant. If more than one person is working, pass the doll to the next person as you reach the end of the chant and begin again. Continue winding and chanting until the doll is completely enclosed in it's cocoon. If there is cord remaining, burn through it, rather than cutting it. If you are going to burn the doll, do so now concentrating your will upon it as it burns, visualizing the power spreading out, seeking the subject and settling over him/her, binding as the doll was bound. DO NOT visualize the person burning! If you plan to bury the figure, do so while visualizing the power sinking into the earth and spreading out to find the subject. (If you must transport the figure to the place where you will bury it, wrap it carefully in a scrap of silk to insulate it. Transportation, of course, will be done after releasing the wards/opening the circle.) Continue to concentrate on your purpose, chanting if you wish, until the candle burns out.

Thanks any spirits whose aid you invoked. Release the wards/open the circle.

Chant for Binding a Perpetrator From Doing Harm

No harm shall you speak
No harm shall you do
No hurt shall you cause to anyone

First Verse
By this spell you are bound
By our will you are bound
No hurt shall you cause to anyone


Second Verse
In this cocoon you will dwell
To transform your true self
'til you've learned for yourself to do no harm




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