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This is one of the best enchantments that you can use to acquire of affect-anything. A Fith-Fath is also called a poppet or a dolly, though it doesn't always look figure-like unless your spell is specifically aimed at affecting another person. We'll begin, however, with the person thing.

You'll want to create a likeness, be it from cloth that's stuffed with appropriate materials and sewn (by hand!), or from clay or wax molded to form. You'll want it sympathetic to its likeness, so bits of the likeness, or potographic images, are to be acquired whenever possible and added to the Fith-Fath.

Whether you are drawing the human likeness to you, binding it form causing harm, assisting it in deciding an outcome in your favor, or performing a healing, you are going to need to give it life.

You'll want to have all requirements gathered and to work your sorcery in a well-cast circle. You won't tell anyone of your work

. Everything about the making is to be felt; be aware of every emotion and keep the reason for Fith-Fathing formost in your thoughts.

One of the most seductive ways of working this spell is to create a short, but pertinent, rhyme-just a four-liner-repeat the rhyme over and over in a monotonous rhythm until you lose the words and simply end up making a hum (to the same rhythm). You sit. You rock. You Make.

When you've completed the making, you will breathe it alive; you will tell it what you want, not just with soft words, but with physical interaction (depending on the intent!). For example, should you desire to prevent a violent person from perpetuating their dysfunction, you will bind them with colored cord (I'm oath-bound not to give you the exact colors, but for a binding of this kind, needless to say, the cord won't be pink!). For a healing, you will fill the Fith-Fath with specific herbs or healing aids, or you will soothe the desperate spirit if the person's destiny is to experience body-death. By now, you've trained well enough and long enough to be able to focus your intention without effort. Understand that if the working requires effort, then the symmetry is not achieved. Once the spell is done, you will put the Fith-Fath in an extremely appropriate place, one you will have arranged beforehand.

Warning: With all sorcery there is risk, so you are to be very sure of why you are doing what you are doing, and don't do it very often unless it becomes your forte. Be wary of meddling.

Example of Fith-Fathing

You have just been informed by a close friend that her teenage son has been given free tastes of smack (heroin) by a well-known, respected member of the local community. The son of you friend became disturbed when his friend, who had also been given free tastes, began needing money when the man informed him that if he disired more he would need to pay. The stirrings of desperation in his friend's developing addiction was what led the son of your friend to inform his mother. The boy says he refuses to talk to police. Worried about consequences, she has come to you. What do you do to help her?

If you know of the man but cannot get anything belonging to him, then his image within your mind will be enough. If you do not know the man, you will need the boy's complicity. It is enough that he can imagine the man's face, his voice, his actions, his cloghing, his size, age, hair, skin, eye color, any and all distinguishing features. The mother will need to have the boy write a description, and his feelings about the man. Details are significant.

Preparation for the Rite (note that when it is required that you call upon the names of the Lady and Lord, you call upon those names to which you are personally attuned).

First, reive as you have learned. Have al things for the making of the Fith-Fath in readiness for the Rite.

Requirements for the Rite:

Set on your Altar the Altar candle in its holder, salt and water in their containers, your athame and your pentacle, incense charcoal blocks and censer, thread to bind the Fith-Fath, and the chant you have prepared for the Rite. Set the candles and candleholders at the elemental gates. Surround your workspace with your white cord. Have a Lighter within the space and the ingredients for the Fith-Fath. Robe if desired, but this (as are most Solitary Rites) is best done skyclad.


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