Heathen's Master book of write Book 1


The History and Meaning of Celtic Design & Art
The witches candle
The witches familiar
Types Of Wicca
Color meanings
Who is the God
Who is the Goddess
The Rede of the Wiccae
The Art of Hypnotism, Self Hypnosis and Hypnotizing others
The Circles Of Light And Dark/Balance
The Descent of Inanna
Guidelines on witchcraft
How to remember your past lives
Hoe to see the spirit world
Magic by ecology
medicine and magic
Nine paths of union
Four week fast
Earth magic
Elemental couldron
Fith Fathing
Broom lore and superstition
Butterfly medicine
World religions
Woman of the woods
History on Witchcraft
Types of wicca
Invocations and summoning
Hexes and Curses
World Calendar
World Calendar 2
Deities from around the world 6
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Deities from around the world 3
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Deities from around the world 5
Deities from around the world 1
Dream Magick
Candle magic
Binding and Banishing
Astral Projection
Altar Setup
Reivings, Banishings, And Wards:Practicalities
Song of the Goddess

Be careful what you ask for...

A Blessing

I will serve the Great Goddess

And give reverance to the Great God

I am a Pagan

A stone in the ancient circle

Standing Firmly

Ballanced on Earth

Yet open to the winds of heaven

And enduring through time

May the old Gods witness my words

Blessed Be

~~Silver Ravenwolf~~ 


A home blessing meditation for charging a room: 

Sit Straight with palms on lap, take deep breaths, relax, and move into a mental space where you activate your intuitive senses, 

Imagine a cord of energy from your spine connecting you to the Earth, and channel energy from the Earth through it, 

Silently ask for divine protection, guidance, and blessing, 

Direct your psychic sensing outward, and feel lines of force coming out of your aura, 

Note where the strongest energy is (check out the floor,ceiling, directions, etc), Note spots that feel empty or dead, note places that feel full alive, focus on where you are sitting and how you feel at that particular spot,

Imagine a sphere of light and love energy at your heart, feel it pulsing outward with every breath. 

Feel the radiance increase with every breath, feel your self as a star, continue to breathe deeply and send out the energy, letting it pulsate in the room, 

When ready, start making power sounds representing the love and light you are channeling; use it to amplify the light you are weaving; and fill the room with the energy, 

Then shift focus to sending a probe out into the room, and note the differences in the quality of energy and how you feel about it, 

Repeat if necessary, 

When done, feel the completeness of the work


A room blessing involving elemental quarter invocations: 

Face each direction (with arms out in appropriate elemental invoking gesture), and say, while channeling and visualizing elemental power: 

Powers of (say direction), 
Powers of (say corresponding element), 
We great you, we honor you, we welcome you here! 
Watch over and bless and protect this place.

After each invocation, shape the energy into columns of light by sweeping ones arms together until they are parallel and sweeping them up and down while channeling and shaping the energy, 

When the energy is properly shaped, say:

So mote it be!

After you have done all four quarters, channel in spirit energy. 

     To return the energy to a more mellow state while energizing yourself, put your hands out and take in a bit of the energy into your self from each direction, going widdershins, hold hands to your heart and take in the energy (techniques also exist for bringing it into a stone and retrieving it when needed). 




This spell can be used on the Full Moon, to bless the Holy Water you have made
You can then save it and use to bless candles etc.
You will need ;
A bowl, jar or cup filled with the Holy Water made see previous post
Put a compact mirror or small miror in the Bowl so the moonlight
glints off it with the silvery light of the Goddess Say:
" Oh Great Ones ,
My Goddess and my God ,
I call upon you,
In need of your help,
Bless this water,
(Hold up small bowl of water.)
Bless this water,
With you power,
With you purification,
With you healing powers,
Bless this water,
Put bowl down. You have made Full Moon blessed water,
and you can now use the water for power, purification and healing.
Then say,
With the water you so blessed,
May this harm none,
The spell is done,
So mote it be and blessed be ."
**The water is charged in the light of the full moon overnight**




Blessing Of The Three

The Sacred Three
My fortress be
Encircling me,
Come and be round
My hearth, my home.

Fend Thou my kin
And every sleeping thing within
From scathe, from sin.
Thy care our peace
Through mid of night
To light's release



" Oh Great Ones, My Goddess and my God, I call upon you, In need of your help,
Bless this water, (Hold up small bowl of water.)
Bless this water, With you power, With you purification, With you healing powers,
Bless this water (put bowl down, and now use the water for power, purification and healing)
With the water you so blessed, May this harm none,
The spell is done, So mote it be and blessed be ."




Child Naming Ceremony

The Sacred Hearth

Living a magical life

A baby naming ceremony is, in many cultures, traditionally done when the baby is about a year old, though many people prefer to do it as soon as possible after the child’s birth. The reason for the year wait is simply because, until recently, most babies didn’t make it through their first year. If they did, they had a pretty good chance of making it to adulthood. This is not to say that the baby wouldn’t have a name before it was a year old, of course it would. A naming ceremony is the child’s official introduction into the family, clan or church. It is much like the baptism ceremonies performed by Christian churches and serves much the same purpose.



Naming Ceremony


Tools- Saltwater, Olive Oil

Decorations- Flowers, eggs, birds, bunnies

Robe- Pink, blue, pastels



Acolyte (lighting candle on altar)

“We come together today to celebrate new life. Let this candle represent the spark of life within us all.”



“I welcome all those present to welcome into our midst a new life. This life has been passed into the care of name and name who have now come before us to present this life into the care of the community. For though their ancestors have gifted them with the duty of caring and providing for this new life, it is the duty of the entire community to support them in their efforts.


We perform this ritual today as our it was performed by our ancestors to welcome into our midst a new member of our clan. Today we will bestow upon the child of name and name his/her own name, so that he/she may face the world a unique individual and all of those who meet him/her will know that he/she is someone to be honored and respected. For there is power in a name. Without a name we are nothing more than a part of something else. With a name, we our ourselves.


Come, mother, and present your child before your people.”


Mother comes forward carrying child. Father may come with her.


Priest(ess) takes up bowl of salt water.

“The sea is the womb of all life. From the sea did all living things emerge.  With this water do I bless thee, mother, and thee father and the new life which you have created together.”



“Here is the mother, from whose body this new life has come forth. Let us honor her. It is right that she who brought forth life should name it. What name do you give this child?”


Mother speaks the name of child. (may whisper it)


Priest(ess) (to father)

“Is this name acceptable to you, father, without whom the mother would only be a promise of future potential and not the font of life that stands before us?”


Father agrees.


Priest(ess) (to child, annoint with salt water, may whisper in the child’s ear)

“I do bless the, child who is named name with this water, that you may never forget where you came from.”


Priest(ess) (parents)

“Do you name and you name promise to love, respect and care for this child for the entirety of your life?>  Do you promise to nurture him/her and be there for him/her in hard times and in joy, remembering that you will face sacrifice and self-denial for his/her sake many times before your final rest?”


Parents agree



“The duty of child rearing is a sacred and difficult one. It is not easy and even less so when faced alone. Who will stand beside these parents and support them in their effort?”


Godparents/Grandparents step forward.



May your commitment and dedication to this child enrich and ignoble your lives.


Priet(ess) (to child annointing with olive oil)

“Before those who love you, before your parents, your family, your friends and your community, before you ancestors, before the Gods and before all of Nature I do declare your name to be name  granted by your mother, and approved by your father. May this name serve you well. May the name name be spoken with honor. May the name name inspire people to great things. May the name name become synonymous with virtue and strength.”


Priest(ess) (to gathering)

“People, I present to you name. You are charged with assisting his/her parents and guardians to protect her/him. Welcome her/him today, and in the future offer her/him your kindness, generosity and hospitality. Some of you he/she will call teacher. Some friend. Some protector. May you all earn your roles well. Come forward one and all and give name your blessings and greetings.”


Now the mother and father stand by the altar with the baby and the group processes by offering greetings, well-wishes and gifts.




This is a bare-bones, generic spell.
Use when the energies in your home or in a particular room start feeling "off" or negative.
This spell can be tweaked to suit your particular method of working or use as is.
You will need: Small cauldron or other fire-proof bowl for burning herbs - one that you are able to carry.
Your favorite protection oil Clearing herbs such as sage, cedar, rosemary, etc.
Charcoal tablet (a half tablet would suffice) Matches
Trace the pentagram starting from the top point - in this spell you are invoking Spirit.
Meditate before you begin - make sure you're in the right state of mind to proceed.
An Alpha state is the best. The Spell:
Light charcoal in bowl/cauldron and when burning, drop a pinch or two of your clearing
herbs into the cauldron. Take a minute to take in the energy of the herbs.
Carry the vessel around the room - paying special attention to corners, closets, and places
negative energy seems to linger. Project a clear, clean, white light with your mind and say:
"By my will I banish all darkness and let in the light." (repeat around the room)
When you've thoroughly cleansed the room, return to the center and put down your cauldron.
Take up the oil and go to the North.
Trace a pentagram on the wall (window sill, door frame, etc.) Say:
From the North I call to Thee. Blessings of the Spirit Be upon this place.
Go to the East and say: From the East I call to Thee.
Blessings of the Spirit Be upon this place.
Continue to the South and West, changing the blessing accordingly.
When complete, return to the center of the room and place more herbs on the charcoal.
Stand still a bit and feel the energy of the room/space.
Again, project white light outward, mentally filling all the nooks and crannies.
When the energy feels right to you say:
This room is sealed Protected from harm.
Light replaces darkness As I will, so mote it be.
Note: This spell can obviously be expanded for an entire house.
Just begin in the center of the house instead of the center of the room.
If you are uncomfortable calling on "Spirit" for protection, you can substitute the
name of your Deity.



Sun-Blessed Moon Water Spell

2002 Spell-A-Day


Leo is ruled by the Sun, and so this New Moon protects, revitalizes, inspires, and renews all that it touches. To tap into the combined power of Sun and Moon, fill a glass bowl with distilled water. Place it in direct sunlight, extending the fore and middle fingers of your right hand, and make the sign of the equal-armed cross over the water. This is a symbol of the powers of the four directions. Wait one hour, then make the sign over the water again. Wait another hour, and repeat. The water will have received the Sun’s energy for a total of three hours. It is now thrice blessed! Use it to purify you, your house, or anything in your possession that may be contaminated with negative energy.



The Fivefold Blessing

Begin by asking the Goddess for a blessing, the Priest/ess performing the blessing should kiss each of the below mentioned body parts.

Note: there is no need to kneel before the divine, we are each the divine, everything is the divine. The Goddess and the God made us to stand upright..

Blessed be thy feet, that bring thee on thee path.
Blessed be thy knees, that kneel to the Lord and Lady.
Blessed be thy womb, without which we would not be.
Blessed be thy breasts, formed in beauty and in strength
Blessed be thy lips, that utter the sacred names.




The Lady's Prayer

Our mother

Who art amongst us,

Hallowed is Thy Presence.

Our realm is here,

We sense Thee near,

On Earth,

Which is our living Heaven.

Teach us this day to bake our bread,

And accept us in our human-ness,

As we accept each other,

In spite of our limitations.

Lead us not into domination,

But empower us to freedom.

For ours in this Air,

This Fire,

This Water,

This Earth,

Forever and Ever.

Blessed Be


Dove's Wiccan Haven




The mechanism of a blessing

Think of a white light so powerful that it encompasses your mind, body, and spirit.

Move the white light into a mental picture of the person, place, or thing.

In your mind, allow the white light to burst through the object (no, this won't hurt anyone).

Intone words of blessing or touch the person, animal, or thing.

Seal the blessing with a hand motion of your choice while pronouncing aloud "It is done."

2003 Silver RavenWolf

Solitary Witch

The Ultimate Book of Shadows

for the New Generation


The Sevenfold Blessing

The Sevenfold Blessing is to be performed before the Goddess and the God after asking for a blessing. It can be performed alone or by another.

Blessed be my feet, that take me on my path.
Blessed be my knees, that support me before the Divine.
Blessed be my abdomen, that holds my heart true to them.
Blessed be my breast, that holds my heart true to them.
Blessed be my lips that utter the secret names.
Blessed be my eyes, that see the beauty of Their love.
Blessed be my mind, that seeks Their knowledge and wisdom.



Trisklean rite of tea


     The purpose of this working is to pay homage to the Gods and to reflect on Their blessings upon this your life.


 Herb(s) for tea 

 Container for herb(s) 

 Cup(s) and Tea Pot 

 Decanter of Pure Spring Water 

 Brewing dish with candle 

 Scrying Candle 

Prepare By: 
     Placing a small table or platform in the center of your working space and arranging the Brewing dish, herbs, cup(s), Tea Pot and spoon on the table. Also place the cauldron with scrying candle within for use during the meditation. (Use the diagram, which follows, as a guide for arranging of the tools.) 
     Prior to casting the Circle, light candle and fill the Brewing dish with Spring Water from a decanter. Keep the Brewing Dish covered during the Casting, as I have found this helps the water to heat faster and hotter. 

     With the tip of your Athame touching the Herbs, intone this blessing: 
Thou has grown by favor of the Sun, The Moon, and of the dew. 

I make this intercession, ye herb: 
I beseech thee to be of benefit to me and my rite, 
For thy virtues are unfailing. 
Thou art the Dew of all the Gods, 
The Eye of the Sun, 
The Light of the Moon, 
The Beauty and Glory of the Sky, 
The Mystery of Terra. 
I purify thee so that Whatever is wrought by me with thee may, 
In all its powers, Have a good and speedy effect with good success. 
Be purified by my prayer and be powerful! 
So mote it be! 

      When water is hot enough, place the herbs in the Tea Pot and add water from the brewing dish, give it a couple of stirs. While the tea is steeping, intone this Prayer:

Earth Mother 
Giver of life 
Strengthen me during my life-long strife. 
Teach me Your ways of perfect love, 
Peace, and wisdom true. 
Spawn from my purest heart 
These words to You 
May this prayer help me to better 
Myself in word and deed, 
To a higher plane I shall succeed. 
Beautiful Light of Goodness Fair 
Lore of old we both do share 
A Witch's brew, I drink to You 
My love for You, by day, by night 
In thought and in sight 
Will my soul learn 
The meaning of this life again. 

     Pour out a cup for all present, including one for the Gods, and enjoy. Sit before the table and meditate on the blessings that the Gods have bestowed upon your life. You may use the scrying candle here to focus upon for your meditation. If the Gods so choose They may give you a Message or Vision through the blessings of the Sight. You may relax now and finish off the pot. 

(Note: this rite is not to take the place of The Feast, but is to be used as a time of blessing and communing with the Goddess



Get a white candle -- either a plain one (offertory, pillar, or taper) or a figural one in the
gender of the person you want to bless. Carve the person's full name on the candle,
then dress it with Blessing Oil or Holy Oil. For more power, you may place a name-paper
of the person, or a photo, or some personal item of theirs (such as a bit of hair or a snippet
of clothing) either under the candle or next to it. One easy way to do this is to place the
paper or personal concerns under an overturned saucer and put the candle on top of the
saucer. Burn a portion of the candle every day for seven days, pinching it out between burnings.
As you light it each day, say this
[Name], may you be blessed
May all good things come to you
May nothing whatsoever harm you
May your heart be light
May your travels be safe
May your health be good
May your mind be sound
May your friendships sustain you
May you be blessed in every way
* If you have a special request for this person (such as that they find a lover, get a
good job, come home safely from a war, or whatever), just add it to the list.
Some people use a large pillar-type candle and keep it going for longer than seven days.
They may make a habit of burning such a candle every day -- or once a week, on Sundays --
for as long as their friend or relative needs help, even doing so for months at a time.
If the candle is large and it is to be burned in this way, it should be re-dressed with
Blessing Oil or Holy Oil once a week: after the initial dressing, you can drop a tiny bit of
oil into the "well" or hole in such a large candle just before lighting it each time.




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