Heathen's Master book of write Book 1

The Circles Of Light And Dark/Balance
The History and Meaning of Celtic Design & Art
The witches candle
The witches familiar
Types Of Wicca
Color meanings
Who is the God
Who is the Goddess
The Rede of the Wiccae
The Art of Hypnotism, Self Hypnosis and Hypnotizing others
The Circles Of Light And Dark/Balance
The Descent of Inanna
Guidelines on witchcraft
How to remember your past lives
Hoe to see the spirit world
Magic by ecology
medicine and magic
Nine paths of union
Four week fast
Earth magic
Elemental couldron
Fith Fathing
Broom lore and superstition
Butterfly medicine
World religions
Woman of the woods
History on Witchcraft
Types of wicca
Invocations and summoning
Hexes and Curses
World Calendar
World Calendar 2
Deities from around the world 6
Dieties from around the world 2
Deities from around the world 3
Deities from around the world 4
Deities from around the world 5
Deities from around the world 1
Dream Magick
Candle magic
Binding and Banishing
Astral Projection
Altar Setup
Reivings, Banishings, And Wards:Practicalities
Song of the Goddess

Edited by Crimsonwolf

The Circles Of Light And Dark/Balance

Consider for a moment what life could be like for both yourself and the Earth on which we dwell if you could see and understand the patterns of change, in their cyclic entirety, without getting caught up in concepts of time and personalization. I recommend reflection on the circular rather than the linear. Consider that all things in the known universe revolve around each other in everwidening patterns, eternally and infinitely, from the smallest to the vastest, to the furthest reaches of revolution.

Think about this riddle. "When does zero become one? Think about it hard.You will be given the answer, of necessity, because you cannot think about it, and come up with a different answer after consideration of this most simple riddle, one through which your thoughts will learn new clarity, one that requires answering in truth, as there can only be one answer,"Never". Zero is going to remain zero forever. One is going to remain one forever. They can only and forever relate to each other; they can never be each other. If you contemplate this you will come to understand that all numbers (and they are considered sacred for good reasons, but that's another story) are posible when considering zero, and as such, zero remains infinitely pregnant with possibility. There is no such thing as nothing the greatest and the smallest, are merely relative to each other, and, therefore, reflect each other always.

Light and Dark are to be considered in the same context. Light could be considered infinite in its possibilities, as could Darkness. One can see Light only in relativity to Darkness. The Positive, attractive, and expansive force of not only your own soul, but also of the Universe, can be truly understood only if one takes the time to consider the Negative, contracting, or the circles of Light and Dark.



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